New, Improved AutoCAD Fonts

Our "Smart" Fonts Offer More Variety & More Style Than AutoCAD Fonts, And Powerful Desktop Publishing Features

Works in 2000, R12,13,14!

Upgrade Your Plain-Vanilla Fonts

If you're tired of the same-old-look AutoCAD fonts, dress up your drawings with the new high-quality, high intelligence SMART FONTS, from Palisades Research. Smart Fonts are modeled after the most popular styles found in high-end desktop publishing packages. And since they've been created with great precision from true CAD lines and arcs, they remain good-looking to virtually any size. They'll give your drawings a stylish and professional look.

Built-In Intelligence

Each Smart Font includes a free copy of Font Tools, software that brings to AutoCAD powerful text effects that you thought were available only in desktop publishing.
NOTE: Image quality viewed on this page may vary dependant upon viewer used. Actual fonts are of excellent quality.

For example, there's KERNING, which is the intelligent spacing of certain pairs of letters. When normally spaced, the 'A' and the 'W' are too far apart. Look how kerning remedies this.

And there's USER-DEFINED SPACING which allows you to insert even spacing between characters:

Kerning and Spacing can be applied globally to all text in a drawing, selectively to all text of a particular style, or to individual text insertions.

Important Note: only Smart Fonts can be kerned and spaced with Font Tools; normal AutoCAD fonts don't have the intelligence built in.

100% ACAD Compatible

All Smart Fonts are fully AutoCAD ready fonts (.SHX files) that you can plug in and use right away, just as you do the fonts that come with AutoCAD.

Six Variations on Each Font

Each Smart Font comes in two forms:

Each font includes three variations:

And each includes both proportional (spacing based on character width) and mono spaced (all characters have identical spacing, for use with tables) versions. So, for every style there are up to12 fonts files.

Any STANDARD FONT (6 .SHX files: Outline, Low, High density) $50.00
Any FONT SET (12 .SHX files: 1 Style, both Standard and Cavalier) $65.00

Any 3 Font Sets (3 Styles, both Standard and Cavalier) . . . $150.00
All 5 Font Sets (All 5 Styles, both Standard and Cavalier). . $225.00

***If you'd like to see 5 additional fancy fonts not found in Autocad R13 check out the 5 Font Set
(These fonts are regular .shx files and are not kernable).


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